• Our graduates pursue their education successfully

        • Every year our high school students enter universities in Tajikistan and worldwide. Our graduates apply for National University of Tajikistan, and Slavonic University in Dushanbe. In addition, the students apply for international universities such as Fudan State University in China, Quinn Mary University London, Kingston University London, New York University in Shanghai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, American University, University of Warsaw, Universities in Turkey, Moscow State University and other international institutions. Some of these students, who are studying abroad, received scholarships to support their education.  

    • PeriodFieldNumber of students
      2010-2016Business and Finance69
      2010-2016International Relations and Economics33
      2010-2016Architecture and Design11
      2010-2016Education and Pedagogy6
      2010-2016Computer Science5
      2010-2016Politics and Public Relations4
      2010-2016Pilot 2
      2010-2016Music Conservatory3
      2010-2016Radio-TV and Communication2
      2010-2016Tajik and Eastern Literature1
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