• DIS actively promotes and defends the rights of the child to physical and psychological well-being, as defined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

        In line with the school’s Child Protection Policy, DIS implements safe recruitment procedures to ensure that all members of the teaching and non-teaching staff at the school, including part-time staff, cover staff, and student activities instructors, such as musicians and sports coaches, are subject to police clearance and/or criminal background checks.

        References and background checks are conducted on all successful applicants.

    • How we recruit


      • The order of conducting vacancies for managing positions in DIS is regulated in correspondence with the quantity vacancies in order to form personnel reserve for managing positions in the School, confirmed by the decision of governing body.
      • The order of selection of international teachers to DIS is regulated in correspondence with the vacancy contingent for international teachers confirmed by the decision of governing body.
      • The announcement and advertisement of a contest for vacant positions of pedagogical employees and those equal to them in the School is organized and conducted by the human resources office.
      • General need in pedagogical employees and those equal to them is determined by the School administration on the basis of analysis of qualitative and quantitative membership of pedagogical employees and those equal to them. 
      • Announcement of conducting the contest

      • The announcement of the School about the contest conduct advertised on a web-site of DIS and other international websites and is published in periodical newspapers.

        The announcement about the contest conduct comprises the following information:

        1. The titles of the vacant positions with the notes of main functional duties;
        2. The main requirements for the candidates determined in correspondence with qualification requirements;
        3. The location of the contest conduct with all contacts: address, telephone and fax numbers;
        4. The dates of document reception and the list of the documents needed.
      • Document reception

      • The reception of the documents for the participation in the contest is carried out within 30 calendar days since the last announcement of the contest on the web-site of SEIDIS and in periodic magazines and newspapers.

        The candidate wishing to participate in the contest provides the following documents:

        1) Application form;

        2) Resume-CV with the photo of the candidate;

        3) Reference letter

        4) Cover Letter

        5) Police clearance

        6) Health Clearance

        7) Documents verifying the professional education or qualification;

        8) 1 photo sized 3*4

        9) Supplementary information verifying their education, length of service, professional level/degree and reputation (hard copies of qualification appraisals, awarding scientific degrees and titles, references, scientific articles, etc.)

      • Order of conducting interview with the candidates

      • In the process of assessing personal and professional qualities of the candidates the admission committee considers the qualification requirements corresponding to the vacant position.

        Members of the admission committee assess professional and personal qualities of the candidates based on oral interview with them and the results of the answers.

        The process of the interview with each candidate is formalized by a separate minutes and by a set form.

        The documents of the candidates who have passed interviewing are considered by the admission committee at its final meeting.

      • Requirements for teachers

      • At SEIDIS, applicants for teaching positions are required to have a Bachelors degree in particular subject and primary teaching and TEFL/TESOL/TOEFL/CELTA certifications.

        Applicants holding only TEFL/TESOL/TOEFL/CELTA or similar qualifications but not having Bachelors degree will not be considered for a teaching position.

        Applicants must be qualified to teach the subjects and grade levels indicated in the job vacancy. At least 2 years of post-qualification/certification teaching experience in a comparable school is required

        Applicants must be fluent in both written and spoken English.

    • ESL Teacher

      • Workload:
        25 hours/week
        Contract start:
        August 15,2020
      • Requirements:
        * Experience in Cambridge Curriculum
    • Biology Teacher

      • Workload:
        25 hours / week
        Contract start:
        August 15, 2020
      • Requirements:
        * Experience in Cambridge Curriculum
    • Chemistry Teacher

      • Workload:
        25 hours/week
        Contract start:
        August 15, 2020
      • Requirements:
        * Experience in Cambridge Curriculum
    • Contacts

      • Dushanbe International School
      • dis@dis.tj
      • dis@dis.tj
      • edu@dis.tj
      • +992 90 794 1719 | +992 90 446 6060
      • 9 Bofanda Street, Shohmansur, 734042
      • www.dis.tj
      • director@dis.tj
      • hr@dis.tj
      • (+992 37) 2214776
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