DIS has three separate campuses for Kindergarten, Primary School/Lower Secondary, and Secondary School. The Kindergarten campus is located in the western part of the Dushanbe city (opposite to US embassy). It has a two floor building with eight classrooms in total, four classrooms in the first floor and four classrooms in the second floor. 

    The Secondary School campus is located in the middle of the city. It is a big campus with two four floor buildings. The cafeteria is in the separate two floor building. There is a mini-football area surrounded by a running area, a big sports hall, outdoor volleyball field and other sports facilities. All classrooms are equipped with smart boards and computers/TV. The campus has computer lab, physics lab, chemistry lab and biology lab with smart boards and other necessary equipment. 

    The Primary school is located in the center of the city. It has a building with two and three floors blocks attached. Also, there is a sports hall in the building and a mini sports area in the school yard. Heating and cooling systems are organized according to the local regulations and conditions.

      • Kindergarten 

      • Zarafshon Street 30

      • Primary School

      • Bofanda Street 9

      • Secondary School

      • Nizomi Ganjavi 370/1

    • Contacts

      • Dushanbe International School
      • dis@dis.tj
      • dis@dis.tj
      • edu@dis.tj
      • +992 90 794 1719 | +992 90 446 6060
      • 9 Bofanda Street, Shohmansur, 734042
      • www.dis.tj
      • director@dis.tj
      • hr@dis.tj
      • (+992 37) 2214776
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