• Parents Teachers Association

      • The role of the Parents - Teachers Association is primarily to further the interests of State Educational Institution “Dushanbe International School”.  It strives to help parents and children settle into life at DIS and ensure everyone is welcomed to the school community.

        The Parents - Teachers Association functions:

        • To improve the teacher-pupil-parent relationship.
        • To input on school policies and other issues that happen in the school that affect the children.
        • To assist parents with the general aspects of school life as well as the social side of being part of a school community.
        • To organise various social events for the children, parents and staff throughout the year.  
        • Run fundraising events for the school
        • To organise class coffee mornings
        • To keep parents up to date on the Executive Committee  activities
        • To be a central point of contact for communications

        The Parents’ Executive Committee is a representative group of parents, who meet up once a month or two month (first Wednesday) to discuss school issues on behalf of the Parents’ Association. 

      • Community Gatherings

      • At DIS, faculty and staff are regularly gathered to enhance the spirit of collaboration. 

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