• GradesCurrencyLocal StudentsInternational Students
      1 - 4Tajik Somoni35 70042 400
      5 - 8Tajik Somoni39 00045 000
      9 - 11Tajik Somoni42 84049 000
      Ages 2-5Tajik Somoni1400 per month1400 per month
      Kindergarten Tajik Somoni1700 per month1700 per month
      Registration FeeTajik Somoni900 (paid only once)900 (paid only once)
      • Tuition fees are determined with the decision of Governing body and approved by Tajik State Anti-monopoly Agency every year. The fees are announced every May-June of fiscal year. There are some regulations in payments. 

        • 50% of the tuition fee must be paid in the first week after the student is admitted if the admission is later then the 1st of September. Otherwise it should be paid till the 1st of September.
        • If a student leaves the school before the end of a term, the full quarter’s fee must still be paid.
        • The full academic year of DIS consists of two terms (four quarters). These quarters are considered and used by the school accountancy for tuition charge :


        Quarter 1 : 01 September - 31 October

        Quarter 2 : 11 November - 31 December

        Quarter 3 : 11 January - 21 March

        Quarter 4 : 01 April - 31 May


        * If a student is absent due to any reason, there will be no deduction in the tuition.

        * A lunch and the right of using the school books are included in the tuition for the classes 1-11.

        * The school tuition includes 5 % VAT.

        Example 1: If a student starts school in September, but wants to leave in 15th of October, the 25% of the school tuition fee will be kept fully.

        Example 2: If a student starts school in September, but want to leave on 20th of November, full term’s fee must be paid for the second quarter fully too.

        Example 3: If a student comes after the beginning of the school, then the tuition fee must be paid for the whole quarter from which the student is registered.

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